Motorcycle-ATV-Snowmobile Lifts

Motorcycle lifts, also used for ATVs and snowmobiles, provide a viewpoint that DIY and professional mechanics understand. Our elevation lifts allow our customers access to hard-to-reach parts on your machine for maintenance or repairs. Although conventional bike jacks work for some repair work, using one of our lifts to properly elevate your bike is much safer and allows you to perform service without lying on your driveway or garage floor. If space is an issue, speak to us about other smaller hoist models.

We have air powered and hydraulic models for sale. Air powered lifts depend on industry standard air compressors, and popular with enthusiasts and bike repair shops. Upgrading to our hydraulic model eliminates the need to buy a compressor and offers smoother lift movement.

Although cheaper brands are available, our lifts are manufactured to our specifications and the highest standards, whether it is a single-post storage solution or our multi-purpose electric over hydraulic, with the included jack system and heavy duty capacity.


No more sore knees! Try a hoist today.

bike on lift

Electric over hydraulic motorcycle/atv/snowmobile lift


  • Lifting capacity 2,200 lbs.
  • Electrical requirements 110 v. Very smooth operation up and down!
  • Front and rear drop-away for easier access
  • Width 60″ with 30” base and two 15” wing/extensions on either side (wing is removable from both sides to get closer for bikes)
  • Front and rear dropout sections for wheel removal
  • Length 87” (Wheel chock at the front is on a panel that is extendable even further for extra-long motorcycles)
  • Lifting height in top position 48″
  • Includes jacking system, wheel chock, built-in castor kit